Today’s technologies are a vital tool that can be carefully applied to certain aspects of vintage car preparation. Applying these resources increases longevity and reliability of cars that suffered from failures due to material constraints of the time period or possibly a detail missed in the build process. These improvements can all be made without re-writing history by changing the car or the irreplaceable history that these great racing machines have carried with them for decades.

Cars such as Ferrari 312 P/B, Ferrari 512M, Gulf Mirage GR7, Single Seat CRC Can Am, Lola T-70, Ford GT-40,Chevron and Lola 2 Liters, Ferrari 275 GTB/C, Ferrari 250 SWB, Porsche RSR, Cobra, Maserati 300S, Austin Martin DB3-S, Lister Chevrolet and Jaguars…the list of cars we care for is ever growing and limitless as to make and model, each getting the care they deserve to carry on their place in history.

Waiting is not a strong point of racers as a whole. We at Competition Touring Cars believe that cars belong on the track and prepare them to the highest standard so they stay on the track. Preparation is the key to success, no racer goes to the track to be un-successful. We go for track time, we go to showcase these amazing pieces of history, we go for the passion of racing.

We offer a full array of shop services, ranging from: fabrication, steel and aluminum body forming, chassis/suspension tuning, drive train upgrades and full to partial restorations, track support, rally or tour support. There are no limitations, from the 5 day Tour Auto rally thru the most remote parts of France, the lawn at Pebble Beach, down the Mulsanne at Le Mans Classic to the cork screw at Laguna Seca. Competition Touring Cars has the solution for your racing needs……..”anything else is just waiting”…


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